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If asked, what kind of furniture should be placed at the head of the bed? It is estimated that 99% of people will answer "bedside table". Indeed, including me, the only thing that can be thought of in my mind is the bedside table, which can not only store things, but also has a good appearance. Perhaps because of this, many people are accustomed to putting a bedside table at the head of the bed, and some people even put one on the left and right sides of the bed. But I’m here to put a question mark, can I only put a bedside table next to the bed? What kind of furniture can replace the bedside table? The answer is obviously yes. Today I will give you a list of some bedroom bedside furniture. Nowadays, people’s bedside furniture is popular. Do you have them in your home? Small side table Put a small side table on the bedside, which can also meet the needs of usual storage. Put a small vase, a book, and a water cup on it. Even if you charge your mobile phone, you can also put it on the tabletop of the side table. In terms of storage capacity, the small side of the bedside is not inferior to the bedside table in the slightest. Although the storage capacity of the side table is not as good as the bedside table, in terms of appearance, I think the side table is better. Iron/Bamboo Basket A basket is placed at the head of the bed, and the top of the table can be used for daily necessities for easy access. If you put some decorations, it can also play a role in display. In addition, the internal space of these baskets is very large, which can fully meet the needs of storage and storage. Whether it is storage capacity or storage capacity, the basket is better than the bedside table, and the most prominent advantage of the basket is transparency, which cannot be surpassed by a closed bedside table. trolley Everyone who puts the bedside table in the bedroom knows that the shape of the bedside table is square, difficult to move, and the gap at the bottom is particularly easy to accumulate dust. If a trolley replaces the bedside table, these problems can be solved. The trolley is easy to move, and the bottom is hollowed out to facilitate cleaning. In terms of storage capacity, the trolley is not much worse than the bedside table. If it were me, I would rather choose a lighter trolley. Chest of drawers Instead of placing a small cabinet at the head of the bed, it is better to make the best use of everything and directly make a big chest of drawers. In terms of space utilization, the half-person-height chest of drawers can make full use of the vertical space. The large chest of drawers, whether it is storage capacity or storage capacity, far exceeds the bedside table, so just use the chest of drawers instead of the bedside table. If the bedroom is big enough. Integrated custom cabinet The space that the bedside table can use is only on both sides of the bed. If the bedroom bedside layout can be customized and integrated, it means that the space you can use will increase a lot. Try customizing the integrated cabinet at the bedside. The space on the background wall of the bedside can be fully utilized, and storage, storage, and decoration can all be held. Shelf/partition The above several pieces of furniture that can replace bedside tables have one thing in common, that is, they occupy floor space, including bedside tables, which are particularly unfriendly to small houses and houses with small bedrooms. Therefore, you might as well try not to occupy the floor, but to occupy the wall, and install partitions and shelves on the head of the bed. The storage and storage capacity is also good, and it only occupies the wall, not the ground, and saves space.
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Storage Holders & Racks
Applicable Space:
Living Room
Installation Type:
Standing Type
Non-folding Rack
Commercial Buyer:
Caterers & Canteens, Restaurants, TV Shopping, Hotels
Room Space:
Living Room
Design Style:
Morden Luxury
Room Space Selection:
Occasion Selection:
Not Support
Holiday Selection:
Not Support
No. of Tiers:
Four Layers
Wood Shelf
stainless steel
Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Zhuo zhan Furniture
Model Number:
Functional design:
Dimensional tolerance:
Weight tolerance:
Product name:
Main material:
metal, Wood Shelf
Home Appliance
Product Name
metal, Wood Shelf
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Our company is a professional furniture manufacturer and trading company,with more than 14 years experience.We offer OEM Service, Design Service, with quick response of sample and delivery,good reputation from customers all over the world.Strict quality control/Promised delivery time/Quick response of quotation and sample/Constantly new products in market.
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Quality control 1. IQC, Incoming Quality Control when purchasing raw materials. 2. IPQC: Input Process Quality Control in every procedure. 3. FQC: Finish Quality Control when products were completed. 4. OQC: Outgoing Quality Control before shipping. 5. Quality Tracking and Quality Improve Meeting after shipping.Payment terms 1. 30% deposit in advance, 70% against copy of BL. Or L/C at sight. 2. For massive order, detailed payment terms can be negotiated accordingly.Lead time 1. High season (Sept. to Mar.): 35-40days 2. Low Season (Apr. to Jul.): 25-35 days 3. Trial order or sample order can be flexible by prioritizing. 4. A detailed production schedule for each order will be drew up and it is a platform for further communication between customer and us.

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